20" Norton Clipper Masonry Saw BBL727 Electric 3 Phase Baldor Brick Block Paver 7.5 HP

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Product Overview

New 20" Norton Clipper Masonry Saw

Presented is a new 20" masonry saw from Norton Clipper Construction Products. Having introduced the first masonry saw over 80 years ago, the Norton Clipper BBL heavy-duty block saws have become the industry standard for masons worldwide. Equipped in either electric or gas, these saws are available with single or three-phase electric motor as well as a more powerful 13HP gasoline engine. Having a rugged all-steel frame design with forklift brackets, these saws resist twisting and damage during transport around a job site. A blade capacity up to 24" and features of extended water pans and open back frame allows cutting of larger materials. The balanced cutting head makes for effortless cutting depth positioning.

Specifications: Model BBL527, 70184683485 

  • Premium Baldor Electric 7.5 HP motor 230-460V, 3 phase, 60Hz
  • Extended length water pan and open back permits rip cutting of larger masonry materials.
  • TILT-LOCK cartwheels fit firmly into built-in tracks on the water pan, providing greater stability when loading material on the cart.
  • Balanced cutting head design for virtually effortless cutting depth positioning.
  • Rugged all-steel frame design with fork lift brackets for easy transport and storage
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  • Fully functioning saw
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