14 x 125 Norton Silencio Pro Diamond Blade Masonry Brick Block Paver SILMBR14125

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Product Overview

New 14 inch Norton Silencio Diamond Blade

Presented is a new 14" Diamond Blade from Norton Pro Diamond

Specifications: One of the latest innovations is the Norton Silencio Diamond Blade. This revolutionary blade features a new technology to provide an unprecedented noise-dampening effect, reaching reductions of up to 15dB (A) which is 30 times less noise than standard blades.  

  • 14 x 125 x 1, Masonry 
  • 0.590" segment height - Max RPM 4365
  • The latest generation of technology from Norton. With a laser welded segment height of .590" and newly developed bond and diamond specification, this blade maximizes cutting performance and product life. The patent pending silent steel-center has outstanding noise absorbing capabilities. Typical laser-cut steel-center blades provide a noise reduction of approximately 3 dB(A), and the laminated copper sandwich steelcenter only slightly more at 6dB(A). The Silencio stands above the industry standard by reaching levels of up to 15 dB(A)!
  • Application: Wet cut cured concrete with medium rebar and steel mesh reinforcement with your walk behind saw
  • Residential areas, city centers, schools and hospitals are especially sensitive to noise with more and more local regulations preventing excessive noise levels. The use of a quieter diamond blade is a perfect solution to drastically reduce the sound generated directly at the job site. The new Norton Silencio provides an unprecedented noise-dampening effect, reaching reductions of up to 15 dB(A).
  • Diamond blades generate noise due to the air flowing through the gullets while in operation. The Silencio has two complementing patent pending dampening technologies. The oscillation absorbing steel-center and offset gullets are designed to prevent airflow under the blade guard to cancel the whistling noise created by traditional blades.
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