14 x 118 Norton DUOEVO14118 Pro Diamond Blade Dual Segment Laser Welded

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Product Overview

New Norton DUOevo Diamond Blade

Presented is a new 14" Diamond Blade from Norton Pro Diamond

Specifications: Infiltrated High-Density Diamond Blades - A new patented technology with longer blade life, faster cutting power, increased safety, and lower energy required for a high-quality result.


  • 14 x 118 x 1/20mm Max RPM 5460, 70184684218
  • 0.590" segment height
  • Longer Life:  High density and improved retention of diamond grits in the segment as well as an increased segment height and improved specification contribute to +20% longer product life
  • Faster Cut:  New specifications can be designed with the iHD process, with impressive free-cutting performance creating the fastest cutting diamond blade in the Norton range and providing up to +20% faster than previous version
  • Increased Safety:  Very high and uniform density across the whole segment allows for up to +60% stronger laser-welding torque resistance vs. traditional process with a 100% warranty against segment loss
  • Greater Comfort:  • Innovative designs for smoother cutting providing better comfort, less vibrations and efforts while cutting for a better quality of cut
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