14 x 125 Zenesis Pro Diamond High Speed Blade Asphalt Cured Concrete Road Street Flat Curb

10.000 LBS
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Product Overview

New 14 inch Diamond Blade

Presented is a new professional grade 14” Zenesis Diamond Blade

Specifications: 14 x 125 x 1"-20MM arbor, laser welded for your high speed hand saw, masonry or low HP saw


  • Excellent professional grade for your infrastructure, bridge, electrical, airport, municipal, road, highway, pavement, federal, state, district, repair concrete projects 
  • Perfect spacing between the diamonds creates channels; material is carried away, letting the blade cut more efficiently and quickly
  • Wet or Dry cut cured concrete with medium steel rebar, asphalt, brick, block
  • Slanted keyhole slot, deep segment, 15mm segment height (0.591")
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