14" x 125 Norton Diamond Blade 4X4 MAX CUT Concrete High Speed Saw

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Product Overview

14" 4X4 MAX CUT Norton Diamond Blade

Presented is a 14" Diamond Blade from Norton Construction Products, a versatile blade that cuts multiple materials fast

Specifications: 14" x 0.125 x 1"/20mm Wet or Dry Cut

  • UPC 70184645926
  • The next generation of our original 4X4 Max Cut raises the bar
    in cutting performance with its innovative design that allows one blade
    to tackle multiple jobs for maximum productivity with less blade changes.

  • The increased 10 mm segment height combined with a premium diamond
    and metal bond segment geometry, provides extended blade life with fast,
    precise cuts in concrete, asphalt, stone/brick, and steel. Add anti-crack
    gullets with stroboscopic depth indicators, now you get not only safe,
    accurate, cool cuts but you also know how deep each pass has cut.

  • The Norton 4X4 Max Cut is fast enough to get you on and off the job;
    tough enough to last.

  • General Purpose, All Materials, Ductile Iron Pipe
    ❚ Anti-Crack Gullet – resists cracking of core under extreme conditions
    ❚ Segment – wear indicators show remaining blade life
    ❚ Premium Bond and Diamond – new premium metal bond
    and diamond technology extending blade life

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