4.5" Norton Clipper Charger Diamond Turbo Rim Blade Angle Grinder Stone Porcelain

10.000 LBS
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Product Overview

New 4.5 inch Diamond Blades

Presented is a new 4.5" Diamond Blade from Norton Abrasives. This Norton Clipper Charger blade combines the characteristics of standard Charger blade with a turbo rim configuration for cutting hard, dense materials (like granite and porcelain) with minimal effort. A better bond and diamond concentration for maximum cutting speed, life and quality of cut.


  • 4.5 In. x 0.080 In. x 7/8 In.-5/8 In.-20 mm, Max RPM 13300
  • Excellent blend of performance and price 
  • Aggressive cutting action with a smoother quality of cut than segmented rim blades 
  • For use on harder materials such as granite marble and stone to reduce chipping
  • Perfect for projects like window replacement, plumbing, maintenance and repair, stucco trimming, paving and other property upkeep challenges
  • Better life and cut rate and better finish 
  • For use cutting hard abrasive materials
  • Balance between faster cutting/longer life
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