18" Norton Clipper C1318P Compact Push Saw 13HP Honda Gas Engine Full Warranty

150.000 LBS
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Product Overview

New 18" Norton Clipper C1318P Small Push Walk-Behind Saw - Gas

Presented is a new 18" flat saw from Norton Clipper Construction Products - unfortunately the bail lift was slightly bent when shipped -full warranty.

Specifications: Model C1318P Push Concrete Saw - New condition, bent lift bale caused in shipping, Standard Warranties Apply, No Blade  Buy Now! Only One!

The next generation of 13HP saws. The C1318P features shock-absorbing handle bars. The new sleek design of the water tank, with increased capacity and improved securing, adds an additional 1.5 gallons of water over the cut. And, a newly-designed belt tensioning system helps keep the saw cutting tried and true. All these features, coupled with the Honda 13HP engine, makes the C1318P the premiere choice for rental and service work.

  • Spindle-saver blade flanges allow blade to sit on inner flange instead of shaft for replacement of flange only instead of complete shaft
  • Four V-Belts transfers maximum power to the blade shaft
  • Reinforced frame and axle makes it the strongest in its class
  • Single screw tensioner makes it simple to adjust or change belts
  • Ask Small Seeds for the technical data sheet!
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  • Full Warranty
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