14" Diamond Demolition Type Rescue Blade Wood Concrete Metal Pipe Asphalt Shingle Plastic

9.000 LBS
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Product Overview

New 14 inch Diamond Blade

Presented is a new professional 14 Inch Diamond Blade from the parent of Diamond Vantage



  • 14 X 1" Rescue Demolition Diamond Blade
  • Application: Utilization as an emergency rescue blade and entry tool. In time sensitive situations this demolition rescue blade will provide quick and efficient cutting of a diverse range of materials such as masonry, concrete, roof tile, dry wall, stainless steel, wood, steel, copper pipe, stucco, PVC, plastic, rebar, tile backer board, corrugated roofing, polyethylene pipes and aluminum.
  • For use with your masonry, high speed or low power walk behind saw
  • Not designed for heavy steel cutting application
  • Provides maximum application performance allowing quick completion of any job
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